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Arctic Tale: The Sad Story Of Global Warming

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Arctic Tale is the story of a polar bear named Nanu and a walrus named Seela. They start as babies. Nanu and her brother hunt on ice, but Seela spends the days when she's young going on clam hunts. The clams can even "fly" away, leaving Seela and her mother, helper Auntie, and the rest of the herd to catch the ones that stay on the ocean floor.

Then Global Warming begins to disturb the life of these arctic animals. The adorable Ringed Seal pups are left on the ice to the male polar bear's advantage (he later eats them). There is not enough snow for digging birthing caves. The ice is too thin for Nanu's mother to go hunting. An entire walrus herd struggles to survive on a tiny melting iceberg. Finally, they take refuge on Rock Island, which doesn't have much ice, until it is time to go home when the ice has frozen back again. Then, Nanu finally contacts a male polar bear after avoiding them most of her life (in a very playful way), and Seela gives birth to a walrus of her own.

If you really want to interest the birds, there's only one thing to do. And that's to sing birdsongs with them. The bird then sees interest in you: you have learned to talk its language and it thinks you're another bird.

    "Caw, Caw!" the crow tries to chase anything away from its territory that it feels threatened by. I usually reply to them to arouse their curiosity: "Caw, Caw!"

    Not just crows will reply back, however. Mallard Ducks, Magpies, Songbirds, Owls, and other birds will answer when you speak their language. Though they vary in how many quacks or caws they give, they like it if you do the same number they do.

New Species Of Rodent Discovered Inside Volcano

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bsvwlyrt3.jpgA new rat has been found inside a volcano, one of the least explored places on the earth. It is a Giant Woolly Rat and it lives in the area encircled by Mount Bosavi, an inactive volcano. The species is called a Bosavi Woolly Rat, and it can measure up to 3 feet long. 40 previously unknown species were found inside the same crater in the forests of Papua New Guinea. The volcano was being filmed for a nature program by BBC entitled Lost Land of The Volcano. Other recent discoveries include a tiny opossum that belongs to the genus Cercartetus that may be a species never discovered before. There are millions more of these undiscovered species, and we will keep finding them as long as they are still surviving.

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