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About Us: Katrianna and Mikaela Brisack

The environment is in serious danger. Around the world, trees are being logged and the resulting habitat loss is making increasing amounts of species endangered. The pines of North America are being eaten by pine beetles and the mountains are graying, leaving local residents waiting for a forest fire. Global warming is melting the frozen ground of the Arctic, leaving polar bears stranded on the cracking ice. Elephants, pandas, lions, tigers, and hundreds of other animals are being illegally poached worldwide. Twenty-five percent of all mammals are predicted to go extinct; thirty-three percent of all marine mammals are expected to soon vanish. It is a critical predicament and one that will not be easily stopped.

We started this blog to oppose the ongoing injustices done to animals and plants throughout the world. More and more people are concerned about what is happening, but few actually make the necessary changes to the current plight of the environment. This is a very important issue, and the choices you make daily may eventually lead to a lifeless world or a perfect planet, depending on how you take action. That's why it's essential to consider what you are doing before you do it to prevent making an ecological mistake. And that's why we are blogging.

Mikaela Brisack is an environmentalist, a writer, a vegetarian, and an older sister. She enjoys hiking, reading books, especially classics (Jane Austen and George Eliot are her favorite authors, and she's read all of the Louisa May Alcott books), solving word puzzles, taking pictures on her digital camera, and playing games with Katrianna, her little sister (although Mikaela has only won Monopoly once in her entire Monopoly-playing career). Mikaela's mom, who was a teacher, homeschools them, and they are traveling the world, hiking and sight-seeing.

Katrianna Brisack is an environmentalist. She became interested in apes when, as a toddler, she watched a monkey TV show called Zoboomafoo. She turned vegetarian at 5 years old. Environmental experiences include watching logging trucks carry their once-living cargo to factories to be used around the world, looking on as miners destroy entire mountains for things that we don't really need, and seeing pine beetles destroy entire mountainsides that were once green. She likes to hike, watch wildlife, talk to birds and cultivate houseplants, as well as watch the stars and come up with theories about how the universe evolved.


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