Conscious Commitment: Monsanto Has Spoken

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Over the past months I have told you about my campaign to end Monsanto Technologies' unlawful monopoly on genetically modified agricultural seed, largely attained through its fraud as to the ambit of its United States patents. This objective has led me, at various stages, to enlightening calls with family farmers, conversations with former plaintiffs, consultations with First Amendment experts, correspondence with journalists, and complaints directed to federal and local antitrust and consumer protection officials. The authorities' response has varied widely - some states, like Missouri (where Monsanto is incorporated), disclaimed any jurisdiction to act over the matter - but Arkansas has acted to protect its growers from this deception, and recently referred my complaint to Monsanto.

Their response:

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Page 2.jpg
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Page 4.jpg
I'll share my response - and the actual law of this controversy - with you shortly.

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