Say Yes to Senator Sanders

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We know. We've been saying "NO!" to a lot of things lately. Yet, even we finally think it's time to lay aside our righteous indignation (don't worry, it's only temporary) and add our support to a grassroots liberal cause promising to do something about the social injustices quietly plaguing our country on all fronts.

None of the establishment Presidential candidates are actually going to take action on the widening income gap, which threatens to polarize our society on an unprecedented scale; the slow poisoning of our citizens and our natural world by an outdated energy system; the strangling of a truly free market by powerful monopolies; the pointless military entanglements which traditionalists of both parties have failed to end; and the unhealthy power special interests and lobbying groups have enjoyed with impunity since Citizens United. Real reform is not effectuated by safe choices or crowd-pleasing compromises. Real reform, by definition, involves drastic change.

Therefore, we at endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for President and ask you to do the same.

It's been a very long time since outsider campaigns have even had a chance at victory. Ross Perot, running as an Independent in 1996, only managed to garner 18.9 percent of the vote.  Ex-Republican "Fighting Bob" La Follette and his would-be veep Burton Wheeler could only obtain 16.6 percent in 1924. Eugene Debs, of the I.W.W., ran as a Socialist in five elections, winning 6 percent of ballots in his best year. And Teddy Roosevelt, stumping as a Bull Moose in 1912, polled in at 27 percent. But now, in 2016, it's time for that pent-up progressivism to finally come into its own.

That's why we can't afford to be preoccupied with labels. Senator Sanders is a Democratic Socialist and unabashed idealist, but his constituency is not limited by partisan or ideological divides. His plans to repress medical monopolies and pharmaceutical cartels, raise the minimum wage, restore effective limits on greenhouse gas emissions, straighten out corrupt PACs and 527 groups, and maintain peace are unequalled in either party's field, and deserve the support of all who want to see themselves respected and valued by their government.

Furthermore, if we don't vote for Bernie, Hillary Clinton will receive the Democratic nomination. Throughout her political career as First Lady, Senator, and most recently Secretary of State, she has maintained a complacent conservatism and detente with the corporate interests. Recently, her rhetoric has incrementally improved, but after the primaries, we suspect she'll be back to the same old song:

So love me, love me, love me, I'm a liberal...

By the way -- we know Phil Ochs' voice is not the most melodic, but we do enjoy his message. We enjoy Bernie's message, too, but do NOT endorse his own, 1980s folk album, titled We Shall Overcome, which features the candidate speaking the songs against a soundtrack of reggae renditions of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger tunes.

Even so, voters of America, it is up to you to Say Yes to Bernie Sanders!

Even we can do it.

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