World Trade Organization Destroys U.S. Consumer Protections

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American consumer, environmental and worker protections aren't as strict as they should be. And they're getting even weaker, thanks to trade deals that put the profits of giant multinational corporations above our nation's laws.

For example, the World Trade Organization, threatening over a billion dollars' worth of sanctions against the United States if our lawmakers didn't comply with its demands, just forced Congress to strike down our country-of-origin meat labeling law, which informed shoppers of the nations where the livestock they intended to consume was born, raised and slaughtered.

Previously, the WTO has forced the US to abandon our Clean Air Act provisions regulating gas pollution standards at the urging of Venezuela and Mexico, change our auto fuel efficiency standards at the behest of the European Union, nullify the section of the Endangered Species Act protecting sea turtles from deadly shrimping practices at Malaysia's request, and prohibit the use of "dolphin-safe" labels on tuna after complaints from Mexico.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership contains even stronger language, meant to further eviscerate American consumer, environmental and worker protections, which are already at risk from the WTO, NAFTA, and our other existing trade deals. We need to repeal the deals we have, not ratify new ones!

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